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Sulphur Springs is a picturesque getaway in northeast Texas. A town with a rich history and beautiful landscape serves as the perfect backdrop for any family or solo vacation. Sulphur Springs combines the slow, small-town lifestyle with the luxury and amenities of the city.

With beautiful nature trails, unique history, and cultural experiences, Sulphur Springs is a favorite among RVers. However, finding an RV park with all of the necessary amenities near your desired locale can be difficult. Sulphur Springs RV Park offers RVers the ease of smooth booking and all the amenities needed. Sulphur Springs RV Park provides the best experience for RVers in Sulphur Springs.

Amenities For You

Sulphur Springs RV Park offers amenities that exceed expectations of what RVers expect. They are designed to help visitors relax and enjoy a peaceful stay. Other campgrounds near Sulphur Springs typically do not provide the phenomenal amenities and benefits that Sulphur Springs RV Park guarantees. At our RV park, you’ll find friendly staff to help you get settled and amenities such as:

Easy & level parking
Laundry facilities for easy cleaning
30 & 50 amp hookups
Close to hiking trails and other outdoor activities
Close to Sulphur Springs and Dallas for easy day trips
Pet-friendly accommodations
Peaceful, relaxing atmosphere
Close to fun and thrilling family activities
Picnic tables
Trash dumpsters

These are just a few of the amenities included at Sulphur Springs RV Park, as the staff, general atmosphere, and local area provide many more. 

Explore Sulfur Springs, Texa

If you are looking for other adventures near our Sulphur Springs campground, Mount Pleasant is just a short car ride away from your cozy escape. Sulphur Springs is a historic and cozy getaway just an hour and a half outside of the city. The small city is full of memorable, family-friendly experiences and attractions, making Sulphur Springs RV Park the perfect location for a quaint Texas trip.

About Sulphur Springs RV Park

At our distinguished campground, we provide the perfect solution for those looking for an escape from the city but don’t want to go too far. Our amenities, staff, and dedication cultivate an ideal environment for a getaway of a few days to a few months. We have an exceptional laundry facility so visitors can wash their clothes, picnic areas, and noise rules so your stay is nothing but serene. 

We aim to help visitors have the best RV camping experience by maintaining a clean campground, outstanding amenities, and a convenient location. We also provide the perfect location to find affordable, alternate housing for long-term RVers who want a new beginning.

Things To Do

Sulphur Springs, Texas, is a beautiful town located halfway between Dallas and Texarkana. The small city has something for everyone, whether traveling solo, as a couple, or with your whole family. Sulphur Springs has countless opportunities for everyone to enjoy themselves.

A gorgeous and modern square located in downtown Sulphur Springs hosts the town’s farmer’s market and various events throughout the year, including Movies on the Square, concerts, seasonal parades, and festivals. It also has a splash pad that children can enjoy on a hot summer day, hands-on activities, and plenty of shopping.

Coleman Park in Sulphur Springs is a breathtaking park that offers several amenities and options for recreation. The two-and-a-half walking trail circles Lake Coleman and includes waterfalls and bridges that make you feel like you are deep in nature, but are still within Sulphur Springs city limits. The park also hosts a variety of sports fields and facilities, and hosts various competitions and events throughout the year. Finally, the park offers access to Lake Coleman for fishing and water sports.

Delving into the role the dairy industry played in the early days of Sulphur Springs, and features both early and modern dairy farming equipment. They also offer an old-fashioned soda bar which is the perfect place to spend a lazy, hot afternoon.

Located at the city library, this unique collection features music boxes from all around the world and of varying ages. Collected by a man serving in the US Navy during his world travels, he was even presented with a music box by the Queen of Belgium. This one-of-a-kind collection can only be seen in Sulfur Springs.

Erected in Heritage Square to commemorate all of the veterans who served their country from, living in, or buried in Hopkins County. The memorial also includes a statue of a Korean War soldier and a granite memorial with up to 10,000 names. There are also computer kiosks where guests can learn more about each veteran.

Magic Scoop is an ice cream shop meets cafe meets general store located in downtown Sulfur Springs. With high-quality ice cream, artisan coffee, and a quirky, eclectic collection of gifts, Magic Scoop can get a smile out of anyone.

At Sulfur Spring RV Park, we believe in affordable rates that allow everyone to enjoy a small getaway. We believe in creating a comfortable environment that allows you to start fresh, save money, and enjoy the beauty Texas offers without worrying about exorbitant rent. Sulfur Springs RV Park has rates you can feel confident about whether you are just visiting or relocating. These rates include:

  • $35 per night 
  • $180 per week 
  • $400 per month 

We hope these rates can help you relax, enjoy your trip, or create a new home at our Sulfur Springs campgrounds.

Why Visit Sulfur Springs RV Park?

Sulfur Springs RV Park is an exceptional RV campground that exceeds expectations and redefines the modern RV park. With a staff who genuinely want to provide for their guests, amenities that make your stay enjoyable, and rates you never have to worry about, Sulfur Springs RV Park is the best place to make memories.

At our Sulfur Springs campground, we don’t just want you to take our word for it. We invite you to come visit and experience the top-notch RV park yourself.

The Best RV Park In Sulphur Springs, Texas

Sulfur Springs RV Park is the top-rated RV campground in Sulfur Springs, Texas, for its dedication to creating a friendly, natural, and comfortable environment. Whatever your plans, you can relax and find an unforgettable Texas experience at our RV park.


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