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Discover an RV park that genuinely cares about its resident’s satisfaction and comfort.

We welcome long term residents

Pittsburg RV Park + Resort Long-Term Living 

Alternative housing options are needed now more than ever. Buying a house is not an option for many people, and many apartments cost more than a mortgage. RV parks provide the perfect solution for families or individuals wanting a lovely home without having to pay the high market prices. Additionally, Pittsburg RV Park + Resort is conveniently close to many industrial companies with high rates of employment, such as: 

  • Diamond C Trailers (12 min away)
  • Priefert Manufacturing Co, Inc (14 min away)
  • Terran Industries (14 min away)
  • McKelvey Enterprises Inc (19 min away)
  • Texas Bragg Trailers (26 min away) 

With affordable prices that beat renting every time, closer proximity to large corporations, water, and utilities, long-term RVers can enjoy their life at Pittsburg RV Park + Resort.

Our Furry Friend Dog Park!

Pittsburg RV Park also offers a well-kept dog park for your furry companion! We love for doggos to get off the leash and get to playing! The expansive park has plenty of room for your dog to run, fetch, catch, and sniff. 

We have a strict “no vicious dogs” policy to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. We ask that owners please pick up after their fur babies and be considerate of others.

Big Employer In Pittsburg Is Pilgrim’s Pride!

For those seeking a peaceful home and new occupation, Pittsburg RV Park has you covered! Our RV Park is located only 10 minutes south of Pilgrim’s Pride, one of the largest employers in Pittsburg. A new beginning has never been easier than at Pittsburg RV Park!

Some of our longest-staying residents, Mr. and Mrs. Donley, explain how Pittsburg RV Park + Resort helped them: 

Mr. and Mrs. Donley

We have wanted to buy a home for the longest time, but with the market, we haven’t been able to. David and I both work from home and were tired of spending our time and money at an apartment. Now, we take lunch breaks outdoors, spend time in nature, and have been able to start saving for a house.

Campland Amenities

Laundry facilities
Nearby hiking trails
Pet friendly
Nearby wildlife and parks
Trash Dumpster
Picnic Tables
Trash Dumpster
Activities for kids
Proximity to interesting attractions
Quite country atmosphere
Enforced noise rules
Enforced cleanup of dog waste
No vicious dogs
Wide & level parking


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