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Your Home On Wheels: How To Choose The Perfect RV For Your Trip

Your Home On Wheels: How To Choose The Perfect RV For Your Trip

So, you want to go RVing? Great choice! RVs come in such a broad range of sizes and layouts that you won’t have to search too hard to find one that suits your needs.

But what exactly are your needs? Does your RV need to be big enough for a group, or just enough room for one or two people? Do you have kids or pets that might make it worth investing in a little more floor space? Are you big on having as many amenities as possible or would you rather have nothing more than the basics? Will you travel occasionally or forsake your traditional lifestyle in favor of full-time RV living?

Tips For Choosing Your Home On Wheels

Whatever your needs, we’ve got some tips to help you find your perfect RV

Consider Your Budget

You won’t just wake up one morning and decide to buy an RV. Well, you could, but you should definitely put more thought into it than that. It’s a big expense to buy–or even rent–an RV. You also need to consider the other things that will cost you when you get your new rig, including:

  • Monthly RV Payment (Unless you have enough cash to purchase your RV outright. In which case, just ignore this point–and possibly a few of the others).
  • RV Insurance
  • Monthly Car Payment (If you plan to hook your car to the back of your RV– or purchase a fifth-wheel or other towable RV–don’t forget to include the costs for the towing vehicle!)
  • Car Insurance
  • Fuel
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Storage Expenses (If you don’t plan to live in your RV full-time, you’ll need a good place to house it during your off-season.)

Interior Space & Storage

Whether you need a lot of space or just enough to sleep and eat, there’s an RV for you. The bigger the RV the more likely you’ll have all the storage you need. If you want to go with a smaller rig, look for a layout that provides decent space in important areas, like kitchen storage or space for clothes.

Part-Time Or Full-Time Use

Do you plan to take a few trips a year in your RV, or are you ready to hit the road full-time? If you’re going to live out of your RV, you might want to get one with a little more space to move around. On the other hand, if you’re planning to be really mobile and travel from park to park, a smaller RV might be easier. You could have a quicker time setting up and taking down your campsite if you go with a Class B or C RV.

Camping Vs Glamping

What about your lifestyle preference? Are you excited to get out in nature and see the natural world in all its wonder? Maybe you’d rather experience nature and then retreat to a nice quiet indoor space to enjoy some modern conveniences. Whether your style is camping or glamping, there’s an RV for that.

Find The Best RV & RV Park For You

When you’re done choosing the right RV, all you have to do is pick a place to go. Fortunately, choosing the right RV park is a little easier. At Pittsburg RV Park, you can bring your new home on wheels and enjoy the Texas scenery as long as you like. Call us at (430) 562-9899 to make your reservation, or book your site online.

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